Because Western Civilization is Losing Its Values

 C.H.I.P. (Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program) is coming to the help of the Civilized World

The name of the organization is "Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program" – acronym C.H.I.P., an idea its time has come. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to create a global movement, this, if we really want the topsy-turvy world of today to be more tolerant and to actually possess a culture of peace.

C.H.I.P universal, not for profit organization that offers middle-to-junior high school students in the international community, especially non-Jews but not only, the opportunity to gain direct knowledge about their heritage through an exciting trip to the State of Israel. The program aims to give the students profounder understanding of the source of the monotheistic religions and leave with them indelible impression of the Holy Land, and create a special bond between them and Israeli, their peers students, in particular, and the modern state of Israel as a whole.

The well balanced tour the C.H.I.P program educational tour offers will establish relationships between impressionable age school students, from any and all countries, and the State of Israel, along the ongoing race to capture their attention and comprehension before they encounter the so common deception about the birth land of their western culture and heritage and the nation state of the Jewish people, Israel where that heritage begun.

C.H.I.P Educational tours’ project will help Israeli-Jewish youths and their non-Jews peers from around the world to form a bonding friendship coalition, built on first hand interaction. The students’ C.H.I.P Project Educational experiences, over their 12 days visit to Israel, will be the focal point should they, in the future, come across the need to deal with negative messages and opinions about Israel in particular and Jews in general, which today have become widespread phenomenon among the higher education institutions around the world. The C.H.I.P graduates will be able to handle the rebuttal task with knowledge and pride.

"Hey, hey, ho, ho, Western civilization has to go", the confused were yelling in 1998, in 2007, 2011 and so in 2015. What other civilization is there in the world to replace their western civilization? There is no such civilization and the confused yellers do not offer any replacement either. Our western culture is definitely not perfect, but it is the best we have and certainly can be improved. It all depends on us and our help.

The Interior Ministry of the terror organization Hamas said: "We are raising our children on the basis of the love for Jihad and death." This culture of death is no culture, rather a cult, most dangerous to Western Civilization.

Therefore, a trip to the State of Israel will sanction and conclude, first hand, that living according to the values of Western Civilization is nothing but a real blessing to our way of life and our freedom. And that is the initiative C.H.I.P’s Program is offering. To give a booster-shot to the young international generation in order for them to be able to deal with discrimination phenomenon in general and hatred of Jews and malicious attacks on the one and only one in the world Jewish state, Israel. All this as part and parcel of a wonderful trip, full of surprises and fun, conducted by professional tour guides, especially trained to guide the participants’ age, along Israel’s blue Mediterranean Sea coast line and Judea Upper Galilee Mountains.

It is becoming clear that our Western Civilization is on the path of decline; but decadence in a civilization can be reversed and western Civilization Heritage Israel Program (C.H.I.P) is aiming to help restore it.

Tolerance comes through education and the right education teaches us the right circumstances that can lead to peace in the world. The C.H.I.P Program provides the first steps of such education so that the participants will be able to explore the origin of their culture’s essence and the place where the world’s western culture has begun. By joining the C.H.I.P Program, advocating and supporting it your child is on his or her way to Israel.

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Watch the introduction videos: 1/ Video Presenting C.H.I.P. & 2/ Video Presenting C.H.I.P. 

Removing the stigma and stereotype from Jews and Israel requires education. Educate yourself, and then educate as many others. Also tell C.H.I.P’s story and its purpose to as many others. Your support is their support.

And learn to sing C.H.I.P’s original theme song, lyrics by national lyricist Joe Santi (Tarzana Joe) (All rights reserved) and music by Bartek Gliniak, well know European composer (All rights reserved), sung by Jagoda Gliniak, 9 year old.

Rhyme in Peace

We go to learn,                      We come to hear,

We go to grow,                       We come to see,
To find the truth,                   The kind of place
That sages know.                   This world can be.

We come with love,               We come with hope,

We come in peace,                Each girl and boy,
So both of these,                    To build a world of
May now increase.                 Friendship and joy.


With an open mind

Now we can take home

Words of welcome 2x

and of Shalom.


Peace Peace—Sha-lom

Peace Peace—Sha-lom


Israel is the farthest eastern border of Western Civilization. This border must be impermeable. Israel must be strong so it needs the full support of the Western world. Participation in the C.H.I.P Program will build and instill in its participants such support. More than that, with your support for C.H.I.P, you become part of the vital chain of responsibility to make the world a better place.

All starters have a beginning. The founders of C.H.I.P, "Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program”, are asking the public to get involved with the organization, understand its soul and purpose and the positive repercussions that will be manifested as a result of participating in it. Supporting the organization and sharing its idea with as many others of yours, the reader, stature, will help our world to be a better place for all humanity. Visualize, with 100 million followers C.H.I.P will become a global movement, and with your help it is simply possible.