Israel’s Genesis Prize board, study this letter well

To: the Genesis Prize Board

What made you choose Natalie Portman for a prize she does not at all deserve?

I, a Jewess, am appalled and angry. One million dollars, increased to two million dollars, wasted on a woman who has long been known to be "Israel skeptic" at best, one whose skepticism is based on the Leftist narrative of lies about Israel.

Those who lie about Israel lie about all Jews!

Natalie Portman clearly does not deserve this award, and it should have been obvious to the Genesis Prize Board.

 Natalie Portman

There is something certainly the matter with the Board, because anyone who knows anything about Israel this prize’s stunt, madam Portman just pulled, should have come as no surprise at all. But I guess the Genesis Board have their heads in the sand and their eyes in the Hollywood lime lights.

The Leftists do not believe that Israel has the right to defend herself, never mind from a Hamastan mob that threatens to break into the country with thousands of terrorists. That has been Portman’s view for a long time. If I knew that, shouldn’t have the Board studied the background and history of Portman’s opinions?

After refusing to arrive to Israel and receive the prize, Portman tried to wiggle herself out of her foolishness. Why Israel is giving her any prize? After all, the Genesis Prize she was nominated for “seeks to recognize individuals who have attained excellence and international renown in their chosen professional fields”; all she is, a Hollywood actress for Pete's sake, “and whose actions, in addition to their achievements, embody the character of the Jewish people” – none is in Portman’s characteristic traits – “through commitment to Jewish values, the Jewish community and/or to the State of Israel – “of what she has none.

There are many who truly deserve the Genesis Prize. You do not need to go far to look for a person who deserves such prestigious prize, the Israel ‘Nobel Prize’. I could think of several such persons but I do not need to do the Board’s work.

Portman is a celebutante-do-gooder. That means she has accomplished nothing - not even in the world of women's empowerment. Pretty face and Hollywood luck, nothing good that represents Israel.

Portman was born in Israel and was moved by her parents to the USA at a toddler’s age of three. I, myself, have several friends who were born in Israel, were moved by their parents, at a toddler age, to the USA, BUT they will never say what Portman says about Israel. NEVER.

Nurit Greenger

Los Angeles, California