The Case for America

 I have a “boyfriend” whom I date almost every day, from Monday to Friday, from 3:00pm to 6:00 on KRLA radio station waves. His name is Mark Levin. Mark Levin is heading an awareness movement its goal is to lead America back to what the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us, a Constitutional Republic. My “dates” with Mark are basically classes about conservative doctrine, patriotism and the understanding of this country’s governing mechanism and the constitution. Last month Mark was talking about how destructive to our society is a big government and the result of that day’s program herein is the lesson of that day:


The Case for America, Americans, Make Your Case

Big government is destructive to our society. Parents and grandparents need to step up and inform their children and grandchildren. Young people, age 21, 31, 40, need to be informed so we can begin the process of taking on the Left that is all about big government. We, the people, must stop surrendering our institutes to the Left; stop surrendering the entire matter of education to the Left.

We need to open the eyes of even small fraction of the population. Big government is the enemy of every American.

Today, there is a pack of Republicans candidates who all want to be our next president. Will one of them break away from the pack and give the following speech to the nation, a speech about America? A candidate who will say the following:

“Let me tell you why I want to be the president of America.

Because, unlike the current president I do not despise our history and our traditions, I embrace them.

Because, unlike the current president I do not believe the American people should be broken down into racial or ethnic or other kind of minority groups. I believe in the American people, the most innovative, productive, generous, tolerant people on the face of the earth. And I want to be president not to continue to layer them with regulations, abuse them, and go around the country and demean them and their ancestors. I want to be the president of the American people because I believe in the American people. And rather than destroying our economic system, I want to breathe new life back into it. Free market capitalism has credited more wealth for more people than any other system on the face of the earth and it has benefitted more people in this country than any other system possibly can.

I want to be president of the people because I want to take the power away from the Hilary Clintons, the Barak Obamas, the Harry Reeds and Nancy Pelosis. I want to take the power away from the consultants in Washington DC and the so called Republican leaders, and I want to give it back to the people.

The people should manage their own life. They should make their own decisions, good, bad, right or wrong. I do not want the government to be the first thing they see when they wake up in the morning and the thing they see when they go to bed.

We do not need ubiquitous government that smothers the individual. We need the opposite. We want a federal government that you barely know it is there.

I want to be president of the American people because I believe in Americanizing legal immigrants who come into the country.

I believe in securing the borders. I believe in protecting the interior of the United States from criminals and terrorists who do not mean us well.

I do not want to see school districts, hospitals, police forces bankrupted from endless waves of people coming into this country illegally.

I want the American people to know that I stand for law and order, whether it is the police department in this country or the supreme country.

Together, I, as president and all of you, the American people, can achieve all of that and more.”

So Americans the time has come to act. We need to take our country back, one person at the time, we have no choice. We need to rebuild our American spirit and we must fight, not roll in a fetal position.

To defend our liberty and freedoms, join this growing movement.