A Universal Problem

 Islamic extremism is destructive not just to Jews and Christians, but even more so to Muslims.  More Muslims have suffered at the hands of Islamic extremists than Jews or Christians have.  The thousands upon thousands of refugees fleeing (and sometimes dying) as they try to escape war and oppression meted out by Islamic extremists are for the most part not Christians and Jews, they are Muslims.  Over 37,000 Muslims were killed last year in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa.  The 82 year old Syrian archaeologist Khaled Asaad who was murdered by ISIS was a Muslim.

Islamic extremism, radicalism, whatever you wish to cause it is a universal problem, a problem that all human beings regardless of their religion or lack thereof should oppose and argue against. 

The ideals of western civilization need to be celebrated and upheld with pride against the barbarians who wish to destroy it all.  I am puzzled and appalled by the politicians and pundits of the West who act as apologists for the extremists who wish to destroy civilization as we know it.

We are not facing a clash of civilizations.  We’re living through a fight between civilization and barbarism, between light and darkness, between order and chaos, between good and evil.

If you don’t recognize ISIS and those like them who reject democracy, liberty, and freedom of thought as evil, then you too are don’t understand the problem.  If you are not horrified by the murder of gays, the enslavement and rape of women, the murder of Christians, Yazidis, and Muslims who refuse to go along with darkness, then perhaps you aren’t paying attention.  If you imagine accommodation is possible with the vile darkness that is spreading like a cancer across the world, if you close your eyes to the horror, if you think that there is a moderate side to oppression and tyranny, then what is wrong with you?