Israel patriot Shaul Mofaz meets Baloch activists in Frankfurt

The distance between Tehran, capital of Iran and Karachi, the commercial capital of Pakistan and the world's largest Baloch city in terms of population, is just a little over 1500 miles. But when hearts and minds meet this distance does not matter at all. This was the case Sunday in Frankfurt when an Israeli dignitary and patriot Tehran-born Shaul Mofaz, 67, who is former Israeli defense minister met with Karachi-born Baloch patriot Jawad Mohammad Baloch, 29, president of the Baloch Republican Party in Germany. 
The rendezvous took place on the sidelines of what is being called the largest pro-Israel gathering in Europe, with more than 3,000 people in attendance. Mofaz's patriotism and love for Israel and Jewish people was on full public display as he refused to speak out against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, even though he has been critical of his policies inside Israel. Likewise Jawad Baloch took a grave personal risk by openly espousing friendship with Israel although pro-Palestine sentiments run high among huge chunks of the Muslim populace, including some conservative sections of the Baloch community. However, since the majority of Baloch are secular, the BRP leader rose above fear, criticism and sectarianism to defend Israel against daily terror-- something the Baloch too face on a daily basis in France-sized Balochistan. Jawad Baloch's predecessor in the BRP, Ashraf Sherjan, too makes no secret of his love for Israel, even though some Muslim fundamentalists in Europe, including new immigrants, make no secret of their anti-Semitism.
Frankfurt-based Jawad Baloch, who was accompanied by party comrade Adil Baloch, was jubilant over his meeting with Mofaz. "I told him Sir I am from Balochistan. He asked me to 'repeat from where.' I said Balochistan. Then I gave him my business card which has information about Balochistan," the 29-year-old Baloch leader said. Jawad Baloch said he informed Mofaz  about the ongoing Pakistan crimes against humanity in Balochistan. "Also I told him we are a secular nation, (and) we are oppressed by Pakistan. We love israel, (and) we want peace," Baloch informed me in an electronic correspondence Monday from Frankfurt. "He (Mofaz) said he will contact us,"  Baloch said. Jawad Baloch also spoke at the the largest pro-Israel event of its type in Europe, the fourth German Israel Congress. According to a news report, the congress marked the close of the year of celebrations commemorating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel.
The Baloch Republican Party mostly comprises young and handsome Baloch youths in their 20s and 30s, many of who have been forced into exile as pakistan has turned Balochistan into its killings fields. The party's main president Brahumdagh Bugti, 33, who is based in Geneva applauded the efforts of the German chapter of his organization. "BRP will continue to raise awareness about Baloch national struggle and human rights violations in Balochistan by Pakistan on all forums," Bugti tweeted. "Gaining worldwide recognition & support is key for a national movement to succeed. BRP focuses to play this role as a Baloch national party," a second tweet by Bugti said.
Jawad Baloch, who made a presentation at the congress, also met with Sacha Stawski, chair of the German-Israel Congress.
Contrary to the propanganda of anti-Semites, since a Jewish promise is always almost written in stone, it's hoped Shaul Mofaz will not only raise the issue of Balochistan at all possible avenues in Israel but also meet Brahumdagh Bugti in Geneva and invite him to Israel. Secularism can be a uniting factor for people from different faith backgrounds and I am delighted to see public officials from israel are willing to become a voice for the predominantly msulim people of Kurdistan and Balochistan. That is what Tikkun Olam is all about.