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Israel readies itself against Iran

Gantz told US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin that he has instructed the Israel Defense Forces to prepare for an attack on Iran in case the ongoing negotiations in Vienna fail.


Defense Min. Benny Gantz presents Iran attack timeline to US officials

A senior diplomatic source said on Friday that the Americans did not voice opposition to the Israeli preparations when presented with the date by Gantz. 

Israel consulted with US ahead of Iran strikes - NYT report

Despite the consultation between the two countries, the relations between them are becoming increasingly strained over the Iran issue.

The danger of Israeli panic over Iran - analysis

Israel’s main argument against the deal was that once it expired, its so-called “sunset provisions” would grant Iran unlimited freedom and legitimacy to enrich uranium to military-grade level. 


Why Israel was not ready for an airstrike on Iran in 2019 - analysis

Iran has reaped levels of knowledge that cannot be bombed. The only question now is whether that can be overcome or too late.

Iranian Brig.-Gen. urges destruction of Israel prior to nuke talks

"We will not back off from annihilation of Israel, even one millimeter."

Iran's Mahan Air hit by cyberattack, materials allegedly linked to IRGC

If the hack was successful, it could be a smaller version of at least two other operations trying to embarrass the Islamic Republic and pummel its credibility with the West.

Iran claims Israel afraid of conflict with its 'axis of resistance'

Iran believes Israel is under a wider threat than in the past, and brags it could unite Gaza and the “northern front” against Israel. It believes that the West Bank could “explode at any moment.”

US consulting with Israel ahead of Iran nuclear talks

Ned Price said that “close consultation and coordination will continue as we get closer to November 29th and of course once those negotiations resume.

Iran and Hezbollah analyze Israel’s ‘war between the wars’

What will the Middle East region look like when, one day, Iran loses its steep foothold in Syria?

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