Are the Rabbis Indeed:"God’s Partners"

Illustration: " The Creation of Light":
By Gustave Dor'e
In short, the answer is: “NO !!!”.
For years Rabbi Shlomo Risken, the religious commentator for the Jerusalem Post, repeatedly used to make two outrageous assertions: 1) The rabbis are: “God’s partners” 2) The rabbis are: “co creators with God”.
Really ???  The Torah says God created the heavens and the earth. I seriously doubt that Rabbi Risken even knows how to create a good egg salad sandwich…
The Torah also says that Moses was the servant of God. If Rabbi Risken is God’s partner, doesn’t that then imply that Moses is the servant of Rabbi Risken as well?
But let’s take another example: Miriam, the sister of Moses and a recognized prophet in her own right, made the mistake of merely equating herself with Moses. For this offense she was turned into a leper and cast out of the community.
Nevertheless, Rabbi Risken sees no problem with leapfrogging right over Moses and equating the rabbis with God himself.
How did this state of affairs come about? Well, if you look at the Passover Haggadah  you can see that the rabbis, for all intents and purposes have cast out Moses from the Passover narrative and substituted him with well known members of the rabbinate.
Was Rabbi Akiva in Egypt? Did the Rambam split the Red Sea ?
All we know for sure about the rabbis is that they claim they are the authorized interpreters of the original teachers of the oral law, which they claim was received by the leaders of the Israelite community at the exact same time Moses received the written torah.
Really?  But didn’t these original teachers of the oral law align themselves with the ten dishonest spies and encourage the Israelites to rise up against Moses and refuse to enter the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ?
Furthermore, don’t the vast majority of these authorized interpreters of the oral law still to this very day encourage their congregations NOT to enter the land promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ?  In fact,  a few days after the killings in France, didn’t the Chief Rabbi of Paris tell the Jews not to move to Israel ?
 Isn’t nice to see that some things never change ?
Nevertheless, how does a rabbi have the audacity to equate himself with God ?
Well the answer is quite simple really: God clearly writes in the Torah that the Ten Commandments and the story of Passover should be placed on our doorposts and used as frontlets for our eyes.
Do modern day Jews post the Ten Commandments on their doorposts? Answer: “No, they do not.”
Why don’t modern day Jews post the Ten Commandments on their doorposts? Answer: Because the rabbis don’t want the people to think that they ONLY have to obey God’s commandments. They also want the people to obey THEIR commandments. Hence, since God created the laws which govern the Children of Israel and the rabbis also created laws which govern the Children of Israel, then obviously the Rabbis are co creators with God, right ?
If that is not clear enough for you, then consider the law which says the Children of Israel must wear “sky blue” tassels on their clothing. Do religious Jews wear sky blue tassels on their clothing? Answer: “No, they do not.”
Why don’t religious Jews wear sky blue tassels on their clothing? Answer:  Because the rabbis say that we are not 100% sure what the shade of sky blue looks like, therefore, in order to avoid making a mistake, we should all wear white tassels. Really ?
If one reads what is written in the Torah, it clearly says that the reason the Children of Israel must wear sky blue tassels is that it will help them to remember God’s laws. Now remember what the rabbis say about the Ten Commandments….
The rabbis don’t want that you remember ONLY God’s laws, they want you to remember THEIR laws. Hence, the white tassels….
If you wore sky blue tassels you would, in effect, be saying: I ONLY follow God’s laws. The rabbis don’t want that…
In conclusion: The rabbis in the Chabad movement, A.I.S.H. and other well known associations have declared, in writing, that because Abraham, Isaac and Jacob did not have the oral law they should NOT be considered: “real Jews”.
Did Abraham consider himself: “God’s partner” ? Did Isaac consider himself: “A co creator with God”?  Did Jacob advise his followers not to follow God’s laws, only his laws?
Of course they didn’t and that is why the rabbis don’t consider Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be: “real Jews”. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are merely the servants of God, like Moses....