This is my first blog for The Jerusalem Post. This was composed less than 24 hours after the 1st attack in France. Events as we know took a more sinister twist with the attack on the Kosher supermarket.
I was planning on a light-hearted blog relating to a planned Punk Rock concert in my hometown of Belfast. But alas, events have overtaken me, terrorism has visited Paris. Muslim terrorists have butchered twelve people at their places of work. The victims' crime? They dared to print a cartoon that offended the religion of peace.
The self same religion that is butchering its way across the globe. The religion that the liberal west appeases on a daily basis, the religion that bombed the London transport network murdering these citizens:
James Adams(32), Samantha Badham(35), Phillip Beer(22), Anna Brandt(41), Ciaran Cassidy(22), Elizabeth Daplyn(26), Arthur Frederick(60), Emily Jenkins(24), Adrian Johnson(37), Anthony Fatayi-Williams(26), Jamie Gordon(30), Giles Hart(55), Marie Hartley(34), Miriam Hyman(31), Richard Gray(41), Anne Moffat(48), Fiona Stevenson(29), David Graham Foulkes(22), Colin William Morley(52), Helen Jones(28), Karolina Gluck(29), Gamze Gunoral(24, )Lee Harris(30), Ojara Ikeagwu(56), Susan Levy(53), Shelley Mather(25), Michael Matsushita(37), James Mayes(28), Lee Baisden (34), Benedetta Ciaccia(30), Richard Ellery(21), Michael Stanley Brewster(52), Johnathan Downey(34), Shahara Islam(20), Neetu Jain(37), Sam Ly(28), Shayanuja Parathasangary(30), Anat Rosenberg(39), Carrie Taylor(24), Jennifer Vanda Nicholson(24), Laura Webb(29), Behnaz Mozakka(47), Mihaela Otto(46), Atique Sharifi(24), Ihab Slimane(24), Christian Small(28), Monika Suchocka(23), Mala Trivedi(51), Rachell Chung For Yuen(27), Philip Russell(28), William Wise(54), Gladys Wundowa(50).
Count them, fifty-two. Fifty-two people wiped out, look them up on the internet, look at their smiling faces, smiles wiped out by Muslim terrorists in the name of their god, Allah.
Should I continue with the list of the dead? I would, but I'm limited to a certain number of words per blog. Check out the names of the 191 citizens murdered by Muslim extremists when bombs were detonated on Madrid trains. Twelve more lives have ended abruptly at the hands of Muslim gunmen. Gunmen who thrive in a liberal dominated society.
Appeasement creates only victims, many are listed above. Islam is not a victim, Islam, aided and abetted by liberal politics, is the cause. The Frankenstein monster has been created, it seems that many Muslims peddle their hate and venom unaccosted, they bite the hand that feeds, they seek to devour our democratic way of life. They will devour with the bomb, gun and machete. They are the enemy within. They have no allegiance to their adopted countries.
I listened as a young British-born muslim said these words when asked if he was a British citizen: 'If I'm born in a stable, that doesn't make me a cow, I am Muslim, I am not British.'
So this is where we stand at this juncture in time. We are not facing a tiny problem involving so-called 'Islamic extremists,' the line seems to be blurring between militant Islam and Muslims in general. This is literally a matter of life or death. Islam appears to be the avowed enemy of democracy and the freedoms we enjoy and value.
Don't be fooled when liberal elements within the media trot out so-called Muslim moderates (as the BBC already did) a mere four hours after the Parisian slaughter. The vast silence of these so-called moderates paves the way for radical islam. They'll blatantly lie to your face as they finger the dagger in their waistband. Don't be fooled by wolves in sheep's clothing. All this carnage emminates from within a Europe that has been eroded by liberal politically correct policies. Policies that have paved the way for murder and mayhem, policies that make us frightened to speak our minds.Frightened of being spotted on social media daring to criticise Islam. Frightened of being labelled as racist by the liberal witch hunters.
The liberals are the big brothers that Orwell warned us of. They seek to police our way of life, to denigrate every freedom that we wish to voice.
This blog is even risky in this new age of liberal politically correct policing. But I was raised in a democratic society, I was raised to speak and not be silent against the evil tentacles of hate. Evil most definitely triumphs when good men do nothing! I end this blog with the names of more victims, citizens who breathe no more, twelve more victims killed in the name of "the religion of peace": Stephane Charbonnier, Jean Cabut, Georges Wolinski, Bernhard Verlhac, Bernhard Maris, Philippe Honore, Michel Renaud, Frank Brinsolaro, Ahmed Merabet, Mustapha Ourrad, Elsa Cayat, Frederic Boisseau.
Stephane Charbonnier once made this quote: 'I prefer to die standing than to live on my knees'. He did die standing, standing up for freedom of speech and democratic society. I salute him.