Common Sense is Dead

 Certainly when it comes to defending Jews, Israel and most existential, world changing events, common sense seems to be disappearing at an exponential rate.


For example, the world's love affair with the idea of helping to negotiate a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians really stands out as an idea that is so lacking in any common sense that it really exemplifies insanity. It's no less crazy than approaching a terrorist with a rifle in his hands, with the intention of giving him a kiss on the cheek and a great big hug and maybe confessing your love for him.


Israeli policewoman, Hadas Malka was recently stabbed to death by arab terrorists in Jerusalem.


As a right wing Jew living in a predominately Liberal, left leaning Canada, I see this lack of common sense daily and to this day I find it astonishing. As Caroline Glick recently pointed out, Israel is losing the PR game to their Muslim enemies. Recent surveys point out this devastating predicament whereby most Jews in the West really don't care to support Israel as they have much more important things to worry about like upgrading their cars, but they are against the Jewish State in one way or another. Since most non-religious Jews have lost their love for Judaism, they see no reason to support the Jewish state. This is especially true amongst the younger Jewish population. And it's no wonder, since the left leaning, progressive stance of 99% of colleges in the West have been busy brainwashing our students to hate Israel, support BDS and even attack Jews.


In the US, the Democratic party has certainly painted itself as a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli, anti-Islamophobic, politically correct group. In Canada whereas the previous Conservative party headed by the best Prime Minister we ever had in Stephen Harper was absolutely pro-Israel, our not so new Liberal party headed by the worst Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is absolutely pro-Muslim and therefore anti-Israel. Most Democrats in the US and Liberals in Canada, including Jewish members of both parties are therefore anti-Israel. The obvious big divide in the US includes so many hysterical anti-Trumpers that seem to think they must oppose Israel if only because the president seems to support Israel. 


Although it seems quite common sensical to me to understand exactly is going on, I find myself in the minority of world opinion. Most countries in the world would prefer a world without Israel (and I'm not just talking about Muslim majority countries here). Most people draw a moral equivalence between arab violence and Israeli self defence. Most people in the world think that Trump is an evil, Nazi like monster who needs to be put down. Most people think that Israelis are oppressors and occupiers of poor arabs. Most people are not well read, get their news in cool little sound bites from the MSM like CNN. Today when a terrorist event is first reported and the person who commits it yells allahu akbar, the news agency as well as the state's government where the event took place will say that the police are still looking for a motive and that it's too early to tell if it in fact it was a terrorist attack. They also take great care to never mention the words Muslim or Islam in the early part of the news cycle. 


Unlike most folks I like it (love it) when our enemies fight against each other. To me this makes common sense. Take the ongoing war in Syria where ISIS terrorists are fighting against Iranian and Syrian troops. We should take note of what Reagan did when Iran and Iraq were going at each other. He clandestinely helped which ever side was losing. That's exactly what we should be doing with Syria/Iran and ISIS. The more they kill each other, the better off we'll all be. No need to be sending in massive amounts of US or other western troops to intervene. Some say it's a huge humanitarian crisis and it would be a grievous sin to do nothing. I don't know about them but I prefer to keep our troops safe by not placing boots on the ground over there. Will innocents die if we don't intervene? Yes but they and our own will also die if we do. We can arm others who are capable of defending the innocents over there and will build safe zones for their people.  I don't think that we must all be experts in geopolitics to understand this concept. 


Many think that by somehow forcing Israelis to concede even more territory to arabs who want Israelis dead, that peace will envelope the entire middle east. It might even solve the war with ISIS.

Again, common sense tells me quite the opposite. 


While most countries in Europe are on the brink of disaster, rather than focus on limiting Muslim immigration, protecting their borders and throwing political correctness into the garbage can, they are doubling down on protecting their Muslim migrants and attacking Israel at the same time. While most countries there are economically bankrupt, they still manage to borrow money in order to throw it away on the Palestinians. So that Abbas and other corrupt arab leaders can enjoy lavish lifestyles while their people languish. 


While so many people accuse the Jews of Israel to be the new Nazis, hardly a one knows about Israel's hand in providing top medical care to their enemies. Did you know that Hamas's leader's daughter was brought to a hospital in Israel for urgent medical attention?


Did you know that Christian Zionists in the US support Israel and Jewish causes far more than non-religous Jews who for the most part prefer to support left wing causes like Black Lives Matter, Justice  for Palestine and the ADL?


Quite a few former Israeli generals oppose the Taylor Force Act proposed by Republicans who want to limit funding to the PA until the PA denounces terrorism, stops inciting terrorist activity  and stops paying the families of dead terrorists. These ex-military men are wearing blinders. They continue to support the PA police and security people (aka Abbas's henchmen) as they claim that these Palestinians help stop terrorist attacks. But they are loyal to Abbas and his dictatorial regime. Where is the common sense?


How does one deal with brutal thugs? By appeasing, hugging, kissing and giving them money and power? Or by standing up to them with strength? I'm in the opinion that Obama was the worst president in the history of the US. What was his greatest, disastrous policy? The Iran deal. Helping the world's most dangerous country to build nuclear bombs, missiles and a well equipped military is possibly the worst deal in modern times. I don't think that Obama lacked common sense. I think he had/has nefarious intentions. Most of those who supported his decision or said nothing are the ones who lack common sense. 


We need to relearn common sense and fast.