An Open Letter to Palestine

Be careful what you wish for.
Your teachers, your leaders, lie to you. The Jews invaded, they say – they took your fields, your houses, destroyed your cities; they colonized, they drove you out, seven hundred thousand strong. Ancient historic Palestine had been peaceful before the Jews left Europe and stole your land.
Jews have no roots here. They pretend there was a Temple in Jerusalem. They pretend that they had lived here before but they and some Christians were here only among you, as your guests. Zionists brainwashed the Jews to take over. They claim there was a massacre in Germany but there is no evidence. They pretend they find archaeology of an old kingdom but there is no such thing – there is only Muslim archaeology here. This is Palestine. Israel began with Nakba in 1948.
You will rid yourselves of these occupiers. You will drive out the Jews and return to your homes. They can die or go back to where they came from. The tiny number who were born here before 1948 can stay, as our guests.
But they lie to you. Jews really were here before, long before. Josephus Flavius, a traitorous Jewish general in a revolt against the Romans, wrote a history of the Jews – five hundred years before Islam reached Jerusalem. A thousand years before that, the Jews took Jerusalem from Canaanites.
To trump this, Yasser Arafat claimed the Palestinians were the Canaanites even though you descended like the Jews from Abraham. Aren’t you the children of Ishmael, Abraham’s son? Didn’t God keep His promise to Abraham that Ishmael would father a great nation?
There was a Holocaust. Evidence is mountainous. Denial is savagery intended to enable another Holocaust.
What blocks archaeological evidence of the Temple is the Waqf, which bulldozes ruins. Why do that if they are so sure there was no Temple? In Christianity’s bible the Temple played a key role about seven hundred years before Islam arrived. If there was no Temple, an awful lot of folks have been hoodwinked for an awfully long time.
Israel wasn’t born recently – she was reborn (1948 AD). David moved his capital to Jerusalem (998 BC) where Solomon built the Temple (961 BC). Thereafter, the kingdom divided into Israel and Judah. Conquerors destroyed the Temple, exiling Jews who later returned, but the rebuilt Temple too was destroyed (70 AD). To eliminate them, the Romans also exiled Jews, obliterated Jerusalem, renamed it Aelia Capitolina and called Judea “Palestine” after the Philistines who came from the sea.
Nobody need believe bible stories. But denying Roman documentation and archaeology detailing ancient Israel is absurd. The Arch of Titus (82 AD) shows the seven branched menorah taken as spoils along with captured Jews. You can see it with your own eyes, at least until ISIS reaches Rome and destroys it along with other traces of other peoples’ history.
Native peoples call themselves by their native names. The natives of Rhodesia reclaimed their land and renamed it Zimbabwe. The natives of Palestine reclaimed their land and renamed it Israel. But you call yourselves Palestinians, after the name the conquering Romans forced on Judea. If you are true natives, why do you take the name given by conquerors?
They are lying to you. They convince you that the Jews stole your land, your freedom and your happiness. They admonish your children to kill, rewarding you when they die trying. You claim pride in these martyrs for Palestine. Are you better off for this hatred? Is life better in Nablus than in Nazareth? Do you really want Haifa under Palestine to be like Gaza today?
Throughout history Jews have served as scapegoats for vile regimes that suppress their own people. Your leaders waste money meant for you on tunnels and Swiss bank accounts. You are discouraged, suppressed and murderously frustrated. Ask yourselves honestly – is this because of the Jews? Or are your own regimes poisoning your lives?
We Jews came home. Most had nowhere else to go. We didn’t come just from Europe but also from Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Your brothers drove us out, seven hundred thousand strong.
They chose war then as you choose war now. Be careful what you wish for – we will put an end to this savagery once we can’t take any more of your hatred and your knives.
Imagine if you were to accept us – do you seriously believe we would prefer remaining at war?