temple mount history

Palestinians, Jordan join forces to thwart any change of status quo on Temple Mount

Since 1967, the Temple Mount site has been under the administration of the Jordanian-controlled Islamic Waqf Department.

What kind of Temple Mount access do Israelis want? - opinion

Where is this all heading, and what would we like to see happen on the Temple Mount? 


NYT continues to minimize Jews' claim to Temple Mount - opinion

I would hope that if the Gray Lady alters its stylebook on the Temple Mount, we may yet merit seeing the change in other outlets.

Ritual bath used by elites on eve of Second Temple destruction uncovered

The ritual bath is located on top of a cliff in the “Upper City," the area of Herod’s City which housed Jerusalem’s elites.

Why Christians care about the Temple Mount - opinion

Author explains what Christians should know about recent violence on Temple Mount

By Arlene Bridges Samuels / ALL ISRAEL NEWS

‘Legend of Destruction’: Gidi Dar takes a new look at Second Temple story

The subject is of historical interest to many, but those in the religious community are especially passionate about it, yet the movie was directed and written by Gidi Dar, who is secular.

The Omer: The 49 steps to enlightenment

Just as the world of nature in this spring season is coming into bloom, so does the Omer provide a framework for rebirth.


3000-year-old temple-era gold bead found by 9-year-old Jerusalem boy

The bead was so well preserved, that when the boy brought the bead to the supervising archaeologist, he initially wrote it off as likely being an unidentified modern object.

Muslims pray in front of the Dome of the Rock.

The Temple Mount is not a trading chip for peace

Leaving the status quo in place is not an option.

‘THE DESTRUCTION of the Temple of Jerusalem,’ Francesco Hayez, 1867

Asara B'Tevet, the siege of Jerusalem: Fast start and end times

The fast, also known as Asarah B'Tevet, was originally established to commemorate the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem by the Babylonian emperor Nebuchadnezzar in 425 BCE.

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