Gary Johnson on Israel – Part I

Americans squeamish from the media’s Donald Trump narrative (or his Yogi Berra soliloquies) seek alternatives. Hillary Clinton? Green Jill Stein? Libertarian Gary Johnson?
Or stay home. But be advised – the world, including you, is in your hands.
Historically, the status of Jews in any country measures that country’s freedom. Today, candidates’ positions on Israel largely reflect how they see America herself.
Here’s Trump on Israel (
HANNITY: How do you prevent the Iranians from getting a nuclear weapon? … (If they do) what action do you take?
TRUMP: You have to rely on Israel… because they know more of what’s going on… I have so many friends, Jewish friends, they’ve supported Obama. They’re disgusted; they can’t understand what went wrong. I think that President Obama has been the worst thing that’s ever happened to Israel… Having nuclear deals is a good thing… but you want to make good nuclear deals, not horrible deals…
Translation: I’m with Israel but I’m not going to telegraph what I’d do.
HANNITY: You said that you would be neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Do see Israel is the victim in this?
TRUMP: I’m a great friend of Israel. I was the Grand Marshall of the Israeli Day parade… My son-in-law is Jewish, Ivanka’s going to have a baby… So there’s nobody closer… The ultimate deal would be between Israel and the Palestinians… I have been told by very high level people it’s impossible. Because the hatred, especially on the one side…
HANNITY: On the Palestinian side.
TRUMP: …is so intense… From the time they’re two years old they’re told to hate, to hate, to hate… This is the toughest of all deals…
Translation: I’m with Israel – it’s personal. I’m a great deal maker – but the Palestinians are filled with hate.
HANNITY: If Israel is under attack would you come to their defense?
TRUMP: 100% … Now you know that under the Iran deal, they say… if Israel ends up attacking Iran because they see they’re actually doing the nuclear or if it’s the other way around we have to fight with Iran. By the way, that’s not happening, folks. I don’t care; deals are meant to be broken in some cases, all right? Under the deal, we’re supposed to come to their defense, which is hard to believe. Now I’ve only heard that but people… have read a piece of it and according to the way it reads we’re supposed to come to their defense. Do not worry, Israel – we’ll be there.
Translation: The deal says if Israel attacks, unbelievably we’re supposed to defend Iran! I’ll break the deal. I’ll defend Israel.
Trump sees America the same way – I’m with America, it’s personal, I’ll defend her.
What do we know of Johnson?
Johnson’s idea of government is Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, a limited role protecting the public’s freedom and safety. Abortion? A choice. Recreational drugs? A choice. Illegal immigration? Adapt. Foreign policy? No entanglements. Israel? I’m supportive, but it’s complicated.
In a December 2011 interview (, Johnson said, “We were responsible for the creation of Israel… through the United Nations… They've been a strong ally; they will remain such. I do not think a threat right now exists from Iran, but we should be vigilant… It's naive to think that Israel is not going to act in their best interests…”
SIEGEL: …The U.S. should support an Israeli action in that case?
JOHNSON: …That would probably be in our best interest… That is better than U.S. men and servicewomen engaged...
And this from “Gary Johnson on the Issues” (
JOHNSON: I think it’s a mistake to dictate what Israel is going to do… When it comes to Iran, based on what I know, I would not want Israel attacking Iran… If it’s not a military threat, I would use all the power that I have (as president) to not see Israel attack Iran…
HAAS: But you would not necessarily follow them into some war they initiated.
JOHNSON: No, nor would I any ally, that ally would initiate, but I think allies are what they are for reason that we do have allies, and we do share common interest. And uh, but no, never following blindly what an ally may or may not do…
Should the US continue to support Israel? Yes ( but in May 2012 Johnson would “cut all support and aid to Israel” (
Johnson sees America the same way – I’m supportive, but it’s complicated.
(To be continued.)