4 yrs form man accused of aiding enemy during Cast Lead

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced an east Jerusalem man to four years imprisonment on Wednesday for charges including conspiring to assist the enemy during a war and weapons possession and manufacture.
Ahmad Nimar, 25, was arrested in February alongside four other men, all residents of the Sur Baher village in east Jerusalem, on suspicion of involvement in Hamas terror operations during Operation Cast Lead in late 2008.
Nimar was convicted according to a plea bargain in which he admitted the charges against him.  In sentencing Nimar to four years in prison, the panel of three judges - Jacob Zaban, Miriam Mizrahi and Raphael Carmel - said that the offenses for which he had been convicted are "severe" and could have cost lives.
According to the indictment, in late 2008 Nimar met with another of the defendants, Munir Atun, and talked about carrying out a train bombing attack in retaliation for Operation Cast Lead. The two made bombs and later gave $5,000 to a third man, Ahmad Dwiyat to purchase a gun and bullets for the planned attack. In court, Nimar testified that Operation Cast Lead had angered him and that was why he decided to plan retaliation, however he said he later changed his mind and expressed remorse.