Activists: Egyptian Christian arrested, beaten over film

CAIRO - Egyptian rights groups on Wednesday demanded the release of a Coptic Christian arrested on suspicion of posting an anti-Islam video online that ignited Muslim protests around the globe.
Police grabbed computer science graduate Alber Saber from his Cairo home last week after neighbors accused him of uploading sections of the film "Innocence of Muslims", rights activists said.
The neighbors also accused Saber, 27, of making a new movie that mocks all religions. He was jailed for 15 days pending investigations.
Clips from "Innocence of Muslims" were posted on various parts of the Internet weeks before violent protests erupted in Egypt and several other Muslim-majority countries last week.
The crude film made in California portrayed the Prophet Mohammad as a womanizer, thug and child molester. Angry Muslim crowds have stormed US embassies including in Egypt and Libya, where the US envoy and three other Americans were killed.