Activists stage mass flotation to save Dead Sea

A crowd of activists and sufferers of conditions such as psoriasis and arthritis gathered at the Dead Sea’s Ein Bokek Beach on Saturday afternoon for a “Save Our Sea” campaign to fight the deterioration of the body of water that serves so many therapeutic purposes, the green group Friends of the Earth Middle East announced. Two groups of 100 people joined hands and floated together in solidarity, also attracting seaside tourists to join in their campaign.
“It was exciting to see beach vacationers interrupt their calm vacations and join in the group float,” said Gideon Bromberg, director of the group.
“The Dead Sea is essential to the health and quality of life of those who are very sick, those who come there from all over the world because of its special healing qualities,” added John Sekulow and Graham Lubin, founders of the Save Our Sea effort. “We fear that there will come a day when we can no longer enjoy the benefits of the Dead Sea because of the continued neglect.”