Israel launches air con efficiency drive

The Energy and Water Ministry has launched a subsidized program for the general public to replace inefficient air conditioners with new ones. With a budget of about NIS 50 million, the ministry will subsidize the purchase of some 45,000 new and efficient air conditioners ­ at between NIS 800 and NIS 1,800 per unit, and including dismantling and installation.
Replacing the air conditioners is expected to save the energy sector about 50 million kilowatt-hours per year, and a total of 350 million kilowatt-hours over the life span of the products sold, the ministry said.
Each customer ­ whose current air conditioner must be at least seven years old ­ should save about NIS 700 annually on electricity bills. Those interested in participating can choose among 12 models offered by Tadiran, Family Line, Tornado and Electra, and can find out more details by visiting the ministry's website.