Airbnb decision on Jewish settlement homes praised as blow to BDS

The National Council of Young Israel welcomed the decision by the Airbnb rental company to reinstate its listings of homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank. “Airbnb’s commitment to bar rentals in certain Israeli locales was completely discriminatory and fostered further support for the antisemitic BDS movement," stated NCYI President Farley Weiss. "We are glad that the company has seen the error of its ways and aborted its prejudicial plan which unduly impugned Israel," he added. 
The group also thanked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for spearheading the effort to condemn Airbnb, the online company that allows homeowners to rent out their living spaces.
Airbnb announced on Tuesday that it would rescind its decision to remove ads of Jewish homeowners in Judea and Samaria following a settlement of a Shurat Hadin lawsuit.
The rental giant had said in November 2018 that it would ban Jewish property owners living in the West Bank from advertising on its site following objections from groups seeking to boycott Israel. 
The West Bank is divided into areas A, B and C, with the Palestinian Authority controlling Palestinian population centers. Israelis living in Area C are under Israeli jurisdiction. The PA has long called for the West Bank to be part of a future Palestinian State and sees the Jewish presence as an obstacle.