Arrow founder stresses US hasn't dropped its guard against Iran

Arrow founder stresses U

Uzi Rubin, founder of the Arrow missile and former head of the Israeli Homa missile defense agency, said Friday morning that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's insistence that the Islamic republic was not pursuing nuclear weapons was contrary to US and Israeli assessments. Speaking to Army Radio, Rubin also stressed that Washington's decision to shelve a plan for an Eastern European missile defense shield did not indicate that that the White House no longer believed Iran was a danger. "The US president described Iran as a threat," said Rubin, adding that Washington had changed its missile defense policy "not because Iran is no longer a threat, but because their missiles cannot reach the US." "Not only that, added the Arrow founder, "but he [US President Barack Obama] said they [the Iranians] had developed an even greater capability for missiles that can reach Europe."