Syria to reroute quake aid after alleged Israeli strike on airport

After an alleged Israeli airstrike that hit Aleppo International Airport, Syria says it will reroute earthquake aid.

 Smoke rises from shelling on the road to Aleppo international airport. (photo credit: REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah)
Smoke rises from shelling on the road to Aleppo international airport.
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah)

Syria’s transport ministry said on Tuesday it would re-route flights carrying earthquake aid following an overnight aerial attack that put Aleppo International Airport out of commission.

This follows reports from Syrian media that there were a series of explosions in the north. It is currently believed that the explosions are an attack on Iranian militia targets at an airport in Aleppo.

It said flights would now land in either Damascus or Latakia airports. Dozens of planes carrying aid from the Middle East, Europe and further afield have landed in Syria following the devastating February 6 earthquakes.

Syrian state media said Israel carried out the attack on the northern airport. The Israeli military declined to comment.

Syrian air defenses intercepted missiles launched from the Mediterranean Sea, west of the coastal city of Latakia, at 2:07 a.m. local time, SANA added.

Some Syrian sources are claiming that the attack on Aleppo’s airport was done by Israel.

The Syrian news channel that originally reported Israeli involvement has now added that a runway at the airport was shut down and that no injuries have been reported.

Striking the trojan horse

Israeli officials recently stated they would strike Syria if Iran tried to use international aid as a Trojan horse for weapons.

Israel will not hesitate to strike any weapons Iran sends to Syria under the guise of humanitarian aid, amid rescue efforts after the devastating earthquake in the country, an unnamed Israeli military official told the Saudi Elaph newspaper back in February.

The last alleged Israeli airstrike to target Syria was reported in late January after a convoy of trucks crossing from Iraq was hit by airstrikes. The convoy was reportedly carrying weapons hidden amid food and other products, according to the Elaph report.