A Kurdish oil tanker is seen off the coast of Ashkelon
Syria says US oil firm signed deal with Kurdish-led rebels

A ministry statement, published on state media, did not name the firm involved in the deal with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)

Fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) stand together near the village of Baghouz
Will oil deal for eastern Syria help or hurt those fighting ISIS?

As with most things in Syria, the actual reality on the ground is far more unclear than the simplistic narratives to be found on social media and among western commentators.

At 20, Bashar Assad's rule is the shame of the Arab world

MIDDLE ISRAEL: Whatever its future, Assad’s presidency has already earned him a place in history, in folklore and in hell.

A member of security forces loyal to Libya's internationally recognised government checks his weapon
Libya reveals how Turkey blackmailed country into energy, mercenary deals

At the time it seemed farcical. Why would Turkey, which backs the Syrian opposition, send Syrians to fight and die in Libya?

A woman walks past a poster depicting Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, Syria March 5,
US sanctions target Syrian president's son, Syrian army unit

The sanctions, imposed under the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act and other measures, come as the Syrian leader grapples with a deepening economic crisis after a decade of war.

Lebanon's Hezbollah members raise their fists and rifles while carrying a coffin
60 pro-Iranian militants killed in Syria since May

Over the past several months, Israel has been accused of dozens of strikes. In June, a series of airstrikes were reported on almost a weekly basis.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addresses the government committee that oversees measures to curb t
Front companies used to dodge sanctions as rift with Assad widens

“These companies’ role and aim is to circumvent (Western) sanctions on Cham Holding.”

Syrian air defence batteries responding to what the Syrian state media said were Israeli missiles
8 pro-Iranian militants killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes last week

The death toll is expected to continue to rise due to a number of injured people, including some in serious condition.

IAF attacks Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria, November 20, 2019
IAF retaliates, strikes Syrian army posts

Two Syrian soldiers were reportedly wounded in the strikes.

AN IRON DOME antimissile system is installed near the Israeli side of the border with Syria in the G
Is the Golan incident linked to tensions over Hezbollah’s 'retaliation'?

The incident comes on the backdrop of the accusation that Israel sabotaged the Iranian Natantz nuclear facility, in addition to cyberattacks carried out on Iran.

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