School driver indicted for raping young girl

A school worker was indicted for raping and threatening a student while he drove her from the school to her town in March, the Southern District Attorney's Office announced on Monday.

Yaakov Viner, 51, worked at an educational facility where he sometimes served as a driver. Viner was driving the victim home when he allegedly told her that he loved her. The driver reportedly placed his hand on the victim's thigh several times, despite her resistance. Before entering the town, Viner was said to have stopped the vehicle and threatened that he would kill her and her friend unless she let him do as he pleased. Viner then allegedly raped the sixteen-year-old.

A month later Viner allegedly threatened the girl into meeting him in her town. He offered her drugs, and then filmed her and took pictures as he sexually assaulted her again. According to the indictment, Vine said he would publish the photos and videos if she reported him to the police.