G20 summit declaration drops condemnation of Russia's war in Ukraine

Countries must refrain from use of force to seize territories, G20 countries said in a joint declaration at their summit in New Delhi on Saturday, avoiding any direct mention of Russia for the war in Ukraine.

"In line with the UN Charter, all states must refrain from the threat or use of force to seek territorial acquisition against the territorial integrity and sovereignty or political independence of any state," the leaders said in the statement.

The G20 at its last summit in Bali said that while most nations condemned Russia for the invasion, there were also divergent views.

The Ukrainian foreign ministry said on Saturday the joint declaration by the G20 group of countries relating to the Russian invasion of Ukraine was "nothing to be proud of," criticizing the text for not mentioning Russia.

"It is clear that the participation of the Ukrainian side (in the G20 meeting) would have allowed the participants to better understand the situation," foreign ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.