Bar-Osher sentenced to 24 years for murdering neighbor

The Beersheba District Court sentenced Mazal Bar-Osher (Chincholker) on Wednesday to 24 years in prison for the murder of her neighbor, Tali Atar, and the manslaughter of Atar's unborn child. Bar-Osher was also sentenced to a further two years probation.
The murder occurred on June 13, 2010 when Bar-Osher stabbed Atar, a mother of three, in the apartment building where the two women lived.
According to the charge sheet, an argument had begun earlier that day between Bar-Osher and Atar after Bar-Osher had thrown a box of coffee and salt at the entrance to Atar's apartment. The two women continued to argue and curse each other throughout the morning. At one point, Bar-Osher called the police and told them "she's threatening me and now I'm going to go and stab her. I'll cut open her stomach."
Shortly afterward, Bar-Osher stabbed Atar repeatedly including in the heart. Afterward, she called the police again and confessed she had stabbed her neighbor.