Ben-Eliezer: I believe gov't won't appoint commission into Goldstone claims

Ben-Eliezer I believe g

While Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer on Wednesday expressed support in Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for meeting his top ministers to discuss the Goldstone report, he remained doubtful about the establishment of an Israeli commission of inquiry to investigate IDF actions during Operation Cast Lead. The Goldstone report is "full of lies, manipulative and tendentious," Ben-Eliezer said, explaining that the report "equates terrorists with victims who are using their right to self defense after 8 years of rocket fire." The minister stressed that he does not accept, and believes the government will not accept the stance that Israel must appoint a commission of inquiry into the Goldstone Commission's claims. "I have faith in the IDF's ability to investigate its own actions, as it has done and is doing every day," he said. All the government offices must join forces to handle this matter, Ben-Eliezer said, adding that "IDF officers and soldiers sent by Israel to fight terrorism must know that the system stands behind them and will assist them."