Blair: Terror war goes on; Palestinian unity must be real

Despite Osama bin Laden's assassination by US forces, the war on terror is an "on going fight" as "people are still dying from terrorism conducted by [al-Qaida's] ideology," Mideast Quartet Envoy Tony Blair said in an interview on Channel 2 news Wednesday evening.
"It is good that he [bin Laden] was killed...but it does not end the fight unfortunately," Blair said in the interview.
When questioned about the Palestinian reaction to the killing, Blair said: "It expresses what the issue is. There were different reactions. [Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam] Fayyad said the death was good news and [Hamas Prime Minister Ismail] Haniyeh said he was a warrior."
In response to the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement, Blair said that he is "in favor of Palestinian unity. It is essential for peace but it must be unity on the right terms, it must be genuine unity."
"If Hamas was peaceful means...this would be positive...but you just need to look at Haniyeh's comments" to understand this has not been the case, Blair explained.