Blast kills 2 at police building in Islamabad

A recent surge in suicide attacks in Pakistan reached the capital when a man wearing an explosive-laden jacket attacked a police compound but was shot down before he could enter the main building. Two officers died and six other were wounded, police said. The assault Saturday evening fit with a Taliban threat made 10 days earlier that militants would launch strikes in major cities across Pakistan in retaliation for the military's month-old offensive to oust the Taliban from the Swat Valley in the country's northwest. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred at a police emergency response center in a residential neighborhood of Islamabad. Waquar Shah, an officer on duty at the center when it was attacked, said a man wearing a heavy jacket was spotted as he jumped over a wall at the center into a courtyard. "He jumped in from the rear wall, then ran toward the offices," Shah said. "One of our guys opened fire on him and he fell and blew up."