British embassy denies existence of Gaza 'quid pro quo' deal

The British embassy in Israel denied on Wednesday afternoon that a deal was in the works to ease restrictions on the land borders of Gaza in return for leniency toward Israel over the death of nine Turkish citizens aboard the Mavi Marmara.
On Tuesday, the UK Telegraph reported that secret documents outlining more flexible policies toward the Hamas-controlled territory were being negotiated over.
"We don't know where the idea of a quid pro quo came from.  We are not going to comment on the detail of private conversations at this stage and we do not comment on leaked documents. The Foreign Secretary has spelt out very clearly that the enquiry must be impartial, credible and transparent, and must include some kind of international participation," read the embassy's statement.
"The Foreign Secretary has made clear that the current restrictions on Gaza must be lifted in line with UNSCR 1860. In this context, we are of course giving some thought to how this might be done, and discussing with our partners, including Israel," it noted.