Court finds east Jerusalem resident guilty of murder for a second time

Court finds east Jerusal

The Jerusalem District Court on Thursday again found Amjad Daana guilty of murdering his cousin in July 2004. After both Daana and his brother Hussam were convicted on murder charges in 2004, Amjad appealed to the Supreme Court, claiming to have confessed under pressure from his lawyer. He stated that he had only agreed to plead guilty to murder so that his brother would be convicted of a lesser charge. The judges accepted the appeal and turned the case back to the District Court. "In this case I have no hesitation in ruling that a conflict of interests occurred between the two brothers, who were represented by the same lawyer," wrote Judge David Hashin in the verdict. "It can be asserted that in practice, the conflict of interests essentially damaged Amjad's legal representation." As such, the Jerusalem District Court ruled for a second time that Daana was guilty of murder for the murder of his cousin, Alaa Abu Taiyeh, by stabbing him 39 times.