Deri 'returns' to Shas

Just 13 days after he resigned his Knesset seat and said he was quitting political life, Shas Chairman Arye Deri announced on Monday that he was returning to lead the party into the upcoming elections.
“I accept with humility and a bowed head the order of the Council of Torah Sages headed by council president Maran Rabbi Shalom Cohen,” said Deri in reference to a letter sent to Deri by Cohen yesterday telling him he must return to lead Shas.
“I was raised and educated all my life to adhere to the instructions of our rabbis, and therefore after a difficult period in which I conducted a personal and familial accounting of myself in which I weighed various considerations, I decided that the Shas movement, the movement of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, and its hundreds of thousands is more important than any other consideration,” he continued in a statement issued by his office to the press.
“With head raised,proudly and determinedly, I will continue to lead the movement in order to continue the life’s work of Maran [Rabbi Yosef] and to be there for all those who the state has left behind.”