Jeremy Sharon

Jeremy Sharon

Jeremy Sharon is a former Jewish World reporter and Religious Affairs reporter for The Jerusalem Post.

He covers the myriad issues affecting the Jewish Diaspora, relations between the Diaspora and the Jewish state, the recent rise in antisemitism, and Israel’s fight against the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign.

Jeremy has reported from Moscow, Warsaw, Kiev, Brussels, New York, and Addis Ababa, on all these issues and others besides.

Jeremy also covers the plethora of religion and state issues affecting daily life in Israel, such as the status of religious pluralism in Israel; Women’s religious leadership; the battle over ultra-Orthodox enlistment in the IDF; splits in the national religious community; and Jewish visitation to the Temple Mount, amongst others.

In addition, Jeremy fills in regularly on the political beat, and helped cover all three elections in the marathon 2019 - 2020 election cycle, as well as the ongoing tensions in the current coalition.

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