Downtown J'lem bars temporarily closed for serving drinks to youth

Several bars in downtown Jerusalem were temporarily closed last week for serving minors and more will shut their doors in the near future as Jerusalem attempts to solve its underage drinking problem. Rehov Rivlin establishments Zolli's Pub, Nadin Pub and Kings Bar were shut down for 10 days by a court order from July 23, spokesman for Jerusalem Police Shmulik Ben-Ruby said on Wednesday. A source at Nadin Pub who wished to remain anonymous said Egon Café/Bar, located on Ma'alot Nahalat Shiva Street, will be forced to lock up Thursday. Ben-Ruby would not confirm or deny the rumor. "It's not the first time that we've closed some bars in Jerusalem. We did it many times before and we will continue to do it many times still in the summer," said Ben-Ruby, who added the several-month long investigation relied on undercover police and surveillance of the bars. "These days some bars and some other shops in Jerusalem are selling things that should not be sold to youths and we will close them, too."