Electricity consumption breaches all-time record amid heat wave

As temperatures escalated on Sunday amid a week-long heat wave, electricity consumption breached all-time records that afternoon.
At about 3:30 p.m., Israeli electricity usage reached 12,525 megawatts, leaving a reserve of only around 900 megawatts, the Israel Electric Corporation reported. The previous record for peak summer consumption  occurred on July 19, 2012, reaching 11,880 megawatts, and for all seasons and times on January 12, 2015, climbing to 11,930 megawatts.
The record-breaking electricity usage occurred a day after Israelis consumed the most power ever on a summer Saturday – 9,956 megawatts.
Despite the reserve power available, the IEC warned that should a system malfunction occur, electricity outages are possible.
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