Former PMO director under Ehud Olmert said he won't be charged.

The former director general of the prime minister's office at the time when Ehud Olmert was premier, Raanan Dinur said Wednesday that, will all due respect to the police's recommendation to put him on trial in the political appointments affair, there was no court in Israel that would convict him for something he did not do. The affair started when police confirmed their initial suspicions that two private businessmen - Kobi Ben-Gur and Yoram Karshi - used their influence in early 2006 and acted personally to advance the appointment of Jackie Matza as Israel Tax Authority head. Police suspect that they acted through Matza and through Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's longtime secretary Shula Zaken to appoint other cronies to key positions and senior roles in the ITA Dinur said that Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz would probably not accept the police's recommendation to charge him.