German police search for 2 suspects after foiled bombing

COLOGNE, Germany - An explosive device found in an abandoned travel bag in a railway station in the west German city of Bonn on Monday could have caused a "large and dangerous fireball" if had detonated, German police said on Wednesday.
Police officials in Cologne in charge of the investigation said they were searching for two men suspected of leaving a blue travel bag on a platform in nearby Bonn. Two suspects initially detained by police were released on Tuesday.
Officials said a restaurant surveillance camera recorded images of a man carrying a bag similar to the one packed with explosives. Police said the bag contained a metal pipe filled with ammonium nitrate, four propane gas cartridges, three batteries and an alarm clock.
There has been much confusion about the bomb since it was discovered on Monday. It is unclear how the attack was foiled and why the bag was left at the rail station.
"The propane gas cartridges would have caused a very large and dangerous fireball," said Norbert Wagner, the head of the investigation for the Cologne police. "The chemicals were highly explosive."
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