Gush Shalom says new EU guidelines wake gov't to reality

"Like a bucket of cold water poured on the head of a drunk, so the EU's decision reminds the power-drunk government of Israel of the reality in which we live," left-wing NGO Gush Shalom stated on Tuesday in response to new European Commission guidelines published June 30 that Israeli governmental and non-governmental entities over the pre-1967 lines are not eligible for EU grants, prizes and funding.
"From now on, should the government seek to sign agreements and maintain relations with the EU and its member countries, it will have to note officially that the agreement does not apply to the settlements nor to East Jerusalem," the organization said in a statement released to the press.
Gush Shalom stated that Israeli has two choices; to follow the path to peace, or to war and being an "international pariah."
"The time to choose between these two paths is running out," the peace organization warned.
The organization welcomed the move, stating that the EU has "started to confront  the government of Israel – and every citizen of Israel -  with a road sign that cannot be ignored."
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