Health Ministry releases full details on tourist with coronavirus

The Health Ministry released on Friday evening the details concerning a vacation a French national reported to have coronavirus took while in Israel.
The man spent most of his time with relatives and is currently already back in France, having flown there on Monday. 
The man arrived in the country on Sunday and spend one day in it.
He arrived at one p.m. on Transavia flight number 3930 and took the one twenty p.n. train from the airport to the central bus station in Jerusalem.
He attended a family event that evening from eight p.m. to eleven p.m. at Ramban synagogue on Amatzia street in Jerusalem.
The next day he was at Hillel coffee shop at Beit HaKerem from ten thirty a.m. to noon and at half past noon he took the train from the central bus station to the airport and returned to France on Transavia flight 3933 at one p.m.
All those who were aboard the flight or spent time in any of these places while the man was there must enter home quarantine and notify the Health Ministry.
Should they experience high temperature and difficulty breathing they should dial emergency number 101.