Herzog denies racist comments surfaced in WikiLeaks cable

MK Yithak Herzog of Labor denied Sunday that he made inherently racist comments as quoted in a recent leaked WikiLeaks document published in Ha'aretz. This is the second time that Herzog has come under fire from potentially embarrassing statements he made to US diplomats five to nearly six years ago.
This time, Herzog was reported to have told a US diplomat, among other things, that bringing in an Arab MK weakened Labor's standing in elections.
"I made no racist comments," Herzog told Army Radio on Sunday. "I support Raled Majadele's appointment, however I estimated that in polls and surveys the move would have weakened us." Herzog added that the US diplomat had asked Herzog for Labor's potential weaknesses, and that Herzog expounded on the potential problems facing his faction.
"We are already six years later; this needs to be taken into perspective," Herzog said.