IDF deploys an Iron Dome battery to Haifa area

The deployment is part of routine preparations according to IDF Spokesman's Unit.

Iron dome
The IDF deployed an Iron Dome anti-rocket battery to the Haifa area on Tuesday.
The deployment is part of routine preparations in accordance with the present security situation and does not signify any imminent threat.
The IDF Spokesman Unit said, "The IDF does not provide details about air defense evaluations. Air defenses are deployed in accordance with evaluations and needs."
Additionally, a number of IDF battalions have been sent to the West Bank to reinforce security measures there.
One of the battalions sent to the area is from the Golani infantry brigade, which was training in the North prior to being mobilized to the West Bank.
Security sources stressed that the reinforcement is not a sign of an imminent escalation in the security situation in Judea and Samaria.
Early in November, Lebanese terror group Hezbollah's leader Hassan Nasrallah said  that his group is unafraid and ready for any war with Israel, even though it had sent hundreds of fighters to support President Bashar Assad’s forces in Syria.
A roadside bomb Hezbollah planted last month wounded two IDF soldiers. Israel responded by firing artillery shells into southern Lebanon.
Referring to current tensions over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Nasrallah said there was “a real and serious danger” facing al-Aksa Mosque.
“And this is the responsibility of all the Muslims worldwide, not just the residents of Jerusalem alone or the people of Palestine alone or the Arabs alone,” he said. “It would be the ultimate catastrophe and shame” for all Muslims if “one of their holiest sites and blessed mosques” were “desecrated or Judaized or destroyed.”
Hezbollah’s involvement in Syria's civil war has stirred tensions in the religiously and ethnically mixed Lebanon, which has a delicate power-sharing system among the sects. The group lost some popularity in the Arab world when it entered the Syria crisis.
Ariel Ben Solomon and Reuters contributed to his report.