Indian space ship can not contact Earth, fate unknown

The unnamed spaceship lost contact with the control center just as it was about to land on the surface of the moon.

indian space ship (photo credit: REUTERS)
indian space ship
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Indian space ship  "Chandrayaan-2" (from Sanskrit: moon-craft) can no longer contact Earth as of Friday night after it was meant to land on the moon. 
The ship, which launched on July 22nd after numerous delays, from the Indians' partner Roscosmos(the Russian space agency) being unable to finish the lander in time, and was to land today though whether or not it succeeded in this remains to be seen.  
The mission was meant to help create detailed 3D maps of the southern pole of the moon between the craters Manzinus C and Simpelius N. It was also meant to search for possible water, ice, and magnesium.
The ship is divided into two parts, The orbiter, which was to provide general information on the area, and the Vikram (valor) lander, the  one scientists were waiting the data from in order to decide whether previous evidence of water-ice on the moon were true or not. Should they be confirmed, it would be an invaluable resource for future astronauts, providing them a source of water for longer missions.  
Prime minister Modi congratulated the scientists in a tweet, on taking on this very difficult challenge, and that they've given their best to make India proud.  


It is unclear if this new turn in the Indian-Russian space mission will affect the 2020 ExoMars program Roscosmos was meant to take part in.
Hagay Hacohen contributed to this report