Iran's supreme leader warns West over alleged meddling

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Monday warned Western governments of a "negative impact" on ties due to what he called their meddling in Iran's post-election riots, state television reported. Khamenei's comments reflect continued efforts by the regime to blame Western powers such as the US and Britain, not internal anger, for wide-scale unrest following the country's disputed presidential election. They also followed US Vice President Joe Biden's Sunday comments that his country was still open to negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program. "Some leaders of Western countries at the level of president, prime minister and foreign minister openly intervened in Iran's internal affairs that had nothing to do with them. Then, they said they don't intervene in Iran's internal affairs," state television quoted Khamenei as telling thousands of Iranians during a ceremony to commemorate a revered Shi'ite saint.