Israel to add 9,900 jobs over Passover

Flowers are not the only thing that will bloom this year on  Passover, the holiday of Spring; the job market will also be growing.
According to an analysis by the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce (FICC), the economy will add 9,900 news jobs in the areas of trade, accommodations and food. Nearly half those jobs, 4,600, will be in the food and catering sector.
A 19% revenue boost over February is expected in retail chains as people prepare their homes for the Passover seder, buying ingredients, purchasing new outfits for the event and enjoying holiday sales an shopping on days off from work.
Yet despite expected sales increases of 16% in food, 27% in clothes, 24% in shoes, 112% in household items and 35% in electronics and furniture, this year's holiday economic boost will somewhat short of the average bumps seen in the past decade, according to the study.
The FICC was also quick to remind employers that the law lays out specific requirements for additional pay on holiday work hours.
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