Israeli forces arrest terrorist from Thursday's West Bank ramming attack

37-year-old Palestinian identified as Hamas member admits to carrying out attack that wounded four IDF soldiers, according to Shin Bet.

Ramming attack terrorist arrest
Israeli security forces have arrested the alleged perpetrator of Thursday's vehicular ramming attack that wounded four IDF soldiers in the West Bank, the Shin Bet announced Friday.
The Shin Bet named Hamas member Mahmoud Abd al-Halim Abd al-Hamid Salem, 37, as the suspected terrorist arrested by IDF and police forces Thursday night.
During initial interrogations, the resident of the West Bank village Kfar Luban admitted to carrying out the attack.
According to a statement released by the Shin Bet, the suspect told investigators that he was motivated by Palestinian media incitement regarding the situation in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount along with claims of "the murder of Palestinian children."
In 2001, Salem was held on administrative detention for six months. The Shin Bet was set to conduct further questioning.
Meanwhile on Friday, a hospital released home one of the IDF soldiers wounded in the West Bank attack.
The ramming attack Thursday took place near Kafr Luban on a road leading to the settlement of Beit Aryeh.
According to the IDF, a black Isuzu sedan plowed into the soldiers as they were carrying out a road-security mission, then sped away.
Police later found the vehicle abandoned with an M-16 rifle and a stun grenade inside.