Israel's political bickering: Liberman chides Bennett for 'ambushing' Kerry

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Saturday came to the defense of the United States and its secretary of state, John Kerry, who has been the subject of criticism among right-wing Israeli cabinet ministers angry over his statement suggesting a linkage between the growth of Islamic State and the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
During an appearance on Channel 2's weekly political talk show "Meet the Press," the foreign minister implicitly took aim at Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, who assailed Kerry for "boosting Islamic State" with his remarks.
"Let's state some facts," Liberman said. "When our ammunition supplies ran out during Operation Protective Edge, it was the US that sent us more. It was the Americans who gave us money which enabled us to develop Iron Dome. It was the US who voted with us in the UN Human Rights Council. The US is the only country that saves us a good deal of grief in the Security Council with its veto."
When asked about Bennett's criticism of Kerry, Liberman said: "There can be disagreements among friends, but there's no need to ambush [Kerry] and make political hay over it."