J’lem to hold int’l ‘green pilgrimage’ conference

Jerusalem will host its first international symposium on green and accessible pilgrimage next week, where participants will learn about environmental sustainability practices from environmentalists and historical pilgrim sites around the globe.
The Green Pilgrimage Network (GPN) conference, created by Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur, will take place at the capital’s YMCA from April 21-26 and feature faith leaders, non-profit organizations, academics, elected officials, and tourism and hospitality industry entrepreneurs.
“The idea is at once grand and simple, since while there is nothing new in pilgrimage, the idea of a ‘global pilgrim partnership’ is an entirely new concept,” said Tsur.
“[It] sets goals for urban sustainability and economic growth on the one hand, and for interfaith dialogue on the other.”
Indeed, she said, interfaith dialogue will play a key role in the GPN’s success.