Justice minister and comptroller meet for first time since Lador's letter

Justice minister and com

The justice minister and state comptroller met Tuesday for the first time since State Attorney Moshe Lador sent Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman a letter calling to shelve the initiative to split the state attorney's duties, Army Radio reported. Regarding the letter, Neeman said, "it's unacceptable that a public servant uses such harsh words." Lador said he wrote the letter because he felt he had no other option. Meanwhile, the committee charged with finding a replacement for Attorney-General Menhahem Mazuz also met today. Sources in the committee said that there is conflict between its members with differing stances on splitting the advisor's responsibilities. The committee is scheduled to choose three candidates within the coming days, the radio station said, and to publicly announce their names over three weeks, with a government vote coming in the next month.