Knesset switching to recycled paper

Immediately following the Pesach recess, 80 percent of the paper used within the Knesset will hail from recycled sources, according to a decision made by Knesset director-general Ronen Plot on Tuesday.
The transition is part of the Green Knesset program, an initiative of Plot and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, which aims to make the building the greenest parliament in the world.
At the moment, only 25% of the paper used in the Knesset is recycled paper, yet occupants of the building use some 10,250 packages of printing paper per year, according to the Green Knesset project.
In addition to changing the type of paper used, Plot is also leading a process to reduce the overall use of paper in the building, and Knesset secretary Yardena Meller-Horowitz recently asked MKs to send the Knesset Secretariat online queries rather than via hard copies, a spokesman for the project said.