Livni: I have experience in gov't, unlike Yair Lapid

Tzipi Livni on Saturday attacked Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid as an inexperienced politician, who was likely to recommend that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu form the next government coalition.
When asked, in a Channel 2 interview,  about fears that she would quit politics again if her party failed to do well in the election, Livni stated, "Unlike Lapid I know what the Knesset and the government is...For me it's not a second career, I won't leave after the elections."
Linvi stated that she had "stood up to the haredim" in the previous Knesset, and Lapid had not proven that he was ready to do so.
She said that she would recommend someone from the Center-Left bloc to form the next government, whereas Lapid had intimated that "he might recommend Netanyahu."