MKs' Websites become latest target for hackers

The Knesset may be out of the range of Kassam rockets, but MKs' Websites have become the newest target for pro-Palestinian hackers, who "took over" Yoel Hasson's homepage Wednesday. Visitors to the tech-savvy Kadima MK's site discovered a message from "Kuwait Team Hackers" and were greeted by Moslem prayers.
This was not the first such incident this week. Two days ago, hackers who associated themselves with the Gaza Strip also attacked the "Go Kadima" Website. "The attack on my Website and against other sites in the recent past is part of a modern warfare by enemy elements against Israel through the Internet," responded Hasson. "This will neither deter nor weaken us. Israel must be prepared for attacks such as these and to know how to fight in a new environment of Internet combat."