North Korea threatens retaliation over US, UN sanctions

North Korea threatened Sunday to retaliate against the US and South Korea over sanctions imposed on the communist regime, a day after South Korea's president renewed his offer of conditional aid for the impoverished country. The US is moving to enforce UN as well as its own sanctions against North Korea to punish its second nuclear test in May and a spate of missile tests. The UN sanctions strengthened an arms embargo and authorized ship searches on the high seas to try and rein in Pyongyang's nuclear program. The council also ordered an asset freeze and travel ban on companies and individuals allegedly involved. If the US and South Korea "tighten 'sanctions' and push 'confrontation' to an extreme phase, the (North) will react to them with merciless retaliation ... and an all-out war of justice," said a North Korean military statement reported Sunday by the country's official Korean Central News Agency.