Palestinian jihadist group splits from Hezbollah

The Palestinian terror group Ansar Allah announced a total “military, security and political” split from its backer Hezbollah, Lebanese daily Al-Mustaqbal reported on Wednesday.
Ansar Allah, which is led by former Fatah official Jamal Suleiman, issued a statement on Tuesday that said that the group had worked for the “jihadist resistance” for many years and would “continue on the path of jihad and resistance until the liberation of all occupied Palestine.”
The statement, which was distributed in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Sidon, said Ansar Allah would continue to exist as an armed “independent jihadist movement” whose aim was the “liberation of the land and holy places desecrated by the Jewish occupiers,” according to Al-Mustaqbal, the newspaper of Lebanon’s Future Movement, which is opposed to Hezbollah.
Ansar Allah, which the US has described as a “clandestine subgroup of Hezbollah” was first formed in 1982 during the First Lebanon War, and reportedly has hundreds of armed operatives in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon.